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Thumbnail Name Description Price
1 Raggedy Ann This traditional Raggedy Ann rag doll is hand embroidered, with the "I love you" heart on the chest, red print dress, apron, and bloomers. 15 inches tall, she is full of love for any child or adult! $30.00
2 Raggedy Andy Raggedy Andy is Ann's little brother and best friend. 15 inches tall in his sailor hat and blue gingham shirt, with hand embroidered "I love you" heart, he is a perfect loving companion! $30.00
3 Victorian Mouse Prim and proper in her little mob cap, frilly dress, apron and bloomers this fancy mouse is never-the-less a cute and cuddly addition to your holiday decor. 15 inches standing, 10 inches sitting with articulated limbs. $40.00


DollsEveryone recognizes the classic Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls. We offer 15 inch and 20 inch traditional raggedies as well as Victorian mice, scarecrows, and our very own original babydoll.
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PJ BearAdorable stuffed animals and toys! Snuggly pj bears, tiny, colourful pet ponies, racing puppies, and more.
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